September Update: Sunghyun arrived in Haiti!

In mid-August, our founder and industrial designer, Sunghyun, travelled to Haiti to volunteer with Christian NGO Heaven in Me and share BTN with people in need. In Haiti, the government is advising its citizens to wear masks, and Haitians do wear them in public markets and airports. However, Sunghyun noticed that general mask use is…

August Update

It’s been about two weeks since the we launched our website and social media presence, and we’ve been receiving lots of great feedback and support. We’re still hard at work on the BTN project. Here’s what we’ve accomplished since: In early July, we submitted the BTN design to the 2020 James Dyson Design Award in…

Although the BTN design is ready to use, the BTN journey is not complete. Currently, we are working towards three goals:

  1. Development of a child-sized BTN mask ✅
  2. Outreach to international NGOs to share the BTN design
  3. Mass production of the BTN mask in Haiti, in partnership with a Christian NGO HIM (Heaven in Me International).

Support the development of the BTN mask and contribute towards the production of BTN for those in need via our Paypal below. We will post regular progress updates on our Blog.

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