August Update

It’s been about two weeks since the we launched our website and social media presence, and we’ve been receiving lots of great feedback and support. We’re still hard at work on the BTN project. Here’s what we’ve accomplished since:

In early July, we submitted the BTN design to the 2020 James Dyson Design Award in hopes that this will increase our visibility. You can check out our submission on the Dyson Design Award website.

Following feedback we received through our Facebook page, we developed a child-sized BTN mask for ages 7-12. It is our hope that children can build (and decorate!) their own masks with an adult’s help. It’s a fun and hands-on educational activity that allows children to feel involved in the mask-wearing process, making the idea of wearing a mask just a little less intimidating. Plus, since BTN is breathable, it’s a great way for kids to get used to wearing masks while they’re outside. Download the child-sized template on our website.

The team has also been personally testing the BTN mask while doing outdoor exercise. From that, we’ve developed another way to wear the BTN, which is more secure when moving around and easier to secure around the back of your head. For this new elastic version, you’ll need a hair elastic (and a bead, optional) in addition to the printed BTN and string. The elastic version especially helpful if you’ve got long hair since it doesn’t require you to tie the string at the back of your head. Learn how to make the elastic BTN through our website.

We are so thankful to everyone who has donated to our cause, as well as those who have been supporting us by liking and sharing our social media posts! The past two weeks have been a real whirlwind as we find our footing and continue perfecting BTN for use in Haiti later this year.

We want to stay connected, so expect regular blog postings with updates on BTN’s progress. As always, we welcome comments and feedback — feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Until next time!

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