An affordable and simple disposable paper mouth shield for everyone

BTN Mask String Instruction
BTN Mask wearing instruction

Thread the string through the holes with the printed pictures facing towards you. Fold the nose flap over.

Place the mask above your nose and cheekbones. Fasten the string around back of your neck, below the ears.


Although face coverings are essential in the fight against infectious diseases like COVID-19, traditional face coverings are hard to use and access for the most vulnerable. They are hot and suffocating in warm weather. They are expensive and hard to maintain for people in poverty with limited access to clean water.

Without a solution to these problems, it is a challenge to maximize the adoption of face coverings by everyone around the world.

BTN is


When mass-produced through die-cut manufacturing, each BTN mask can cost as little as a few cents. BTN is cheap to transport and distribute.


People of all languages and education levels can understand the simple assembly instructions. BTN can be assembled in seconds.


BTN is ergonomically designed to be breathable and comfortable, resting on the user’s nose and tied around the back of their head rather than placing stress on their ears.


With no metal components, used BTNs can be broken down into recyclable paper and reusable string.

How it works

Blocks droplet spray

BTN redirects the user’s breath downwards to block large droplets and make it more difficult for small particles to reach others.

Blocks contact with face

BTN stops users from touching their noses and mouths, helping to reduce their risk of infection.

When to use


In a well-ventilated space, BTN is as effective as a filtered mask at preventing COVID spread because acts as a face shield.


When BTN is worn properly, there is a gap between the user’s mouth and the paper for increased airflow, making it a good PPE option for physical activity.


Making BTN can be a fun and educational activity for children to learn the importance of wearing a mask and feel involved in the mask-making process.

“This specially-designed shield directs exhaled breath downwards, towards the wearer’s body and the ground. It is very breathable and comfortable to wear, particularly during exercise and in hot weather. This is certainly a viable alternative for preventing the spread of respiratory viruses when a person cannot access a surgical mask or cannot tolerate wearing one.


Dr. Raimond Wong

Special Thanks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wear a mask or face covering?

Masks and face coverings reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission from the wearer to others by blocking the spray of water droplets, which may contain virus particles, from the mouth and nose. In test trials, face shields were shown to reduce viral exposure by 96%.

Who is BTN made for?

The BTN is made for those who do not have easy access to disposable surgical masks and those without the means to use reusable masks. 

Is BTN a mask? Can it replace one?

The BTN is a mouth shield. It does not provide a seal on all sides. It is not as effective as a surgical mask, but it can still block the spread of viral particles. It is a cheaper disposable alternative when surgical masks are not available.

How long can COVID-19 last on paper?

According to scientists, the COVID-19 virus should not last for more than a few hours on dry paper. In tests with the SARS virus, paper contaminated with SARS was not infectious after 3 hours, and no viral infectivity was shown after 24 hours.

What kind of paper should I use?

We recommend building the mask with plain white paper of a moderate thickness because of its strength and anti-viral infectivity properties. However, it can be made with whatever materials are available.

Is it hard to manufacture?

As it is made of only two parts (a paper component and a string), BTN is simple to manufacture. To make it at home, you will need a printer and scissors. It can also be mass-produced through paper die cutting, a cheap and effective manufacturing method.

Is COVID-19 real?


Can I use the design for free?

The design is free to use and modify. If you have any suggestions for improving the design, please contact us!